Jonah is a Product Designer that strives to understand how brands, systems and people interact–and use that knowledge to create experiences that are not only intuitive, but delightful.


During my time working on Hyundai, I produced work for both the consumer and their Sales Team. For the consumer-facing Product I worked specifically on the Dashboard and Rewards Program features within their Customer portal. The Sales Team Product was to improve a tool that assisted associates in dealerships. 

Besides those two major Products, I also redesigned the IA for corporate search, site-wide navigation and launched Customer on-boarding for Android Auto. Product Experience Enhancements

The enhancements for the two main features I worked on (dashboard and rewards) were broken into two separate sprints. The Team was tasked with making the dashboard more useful for consumers to improve overall engagement. The secondary goal for these enhancements was to improve the current rewards system and create more excitement. The main features that were part of this Product were:

  • Mileage 
  • Bluetooth
  • Vehicle Service History
  • Alerts

Hyundai Dealer Assisted Enrollment System Redesign

Internal system used to onboard new vehicle owners with Hyundai's Blue Link subscription service. I completely revamped the current system from the top down by improving the users flow, simplified the interface and optimized the design for Tablet view. Prototypes were tested with users on-site with various dealerships.

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