Jonah is a Product Designer that strives to understand how brands, systems and people interact–and use that knowledge to create experiences that are not only intuitive, but delightful.

Network Health

Network Health is a growing Healthcare company based in Menasha, WI. They've been a leading Healthcare provider in the Northeastern part of Wisconsin for decades. The Company was at a scale where they still valued the voice of their Customers and used that to fuel the Brand's voice and the companies initiatives.

Key takeaways:

  • Built client relationship that lasted two years. 
  • Collaborated directly with third-party Marketing Agency to develop quarterly roadmap based on initiatives from Client. 
  • Was the client's sole provider of UX discipline that influenced the entire brand. 
  • Worked with internal Content Team on best practices for content strategy. 
  • Launched digital product that assisted in both acquisitions and leads.
  • Ran User-centered research for Client. 
  • Was Creative Lead for sub-brands built upon campaigns.
  • Took marketing initiatives from strategy thru release. 
  • Launched 3 new digital properties for Client.
  • Played a key role in Client successfully launching service in new geographic market. 
  • Managed a dedicated Creative Team of designers, copywriters, developers and illustrators.