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Hello!I amA Designer with 2 decades of experience in tech, startups, advertising, and gaming.Jonah

llustration of Jonah B.

Jonah B.

Hands-on design leadership

Jonah is a balanced blend of leader, mentor, and doer. In the two decades of working professionally, he's grown and led full design and research teams in-house, co-led product, started his own business, and has single-handedly led projects from start to finish as a lead and contributor. He also has past experience as a front-end developer, before deciding to focus solely on design.

His storied career includes working on brands such as Patagonia, Hyundai, Disney, Sprint, Mozilla, and many more. He’s also been part of leadership at companies such as Cards Against Humanity, Home Chef, Aimlabs, and LogicGate. Currently, VP of User Experience at Aimlabs.

Skills & Competencies


  • Strategy
  • Mentorship
  • Team-building
  • Hiring
  • DesignOps



  • Workshops
  • Design sprints
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • User testing



  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture
  • User flows
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Motion design

UX & Design


  • Front-end development
  • Design systems
  • Accessibility compliance


Work Experience

  1. Digital Art Director

    10/2003 - 4/2007


  2. Creative Development Lead

    4/2007 - 5/2008


  3. Interactive Designer

    5/2008 - 8/2009

    The Royal Order of Experience Design

  4. Design Consultant

    8/2009 - 8/2012


  5. CEO (Founder)

    8/2012 - 9/2015


  6. User Experience Lead

    9/2015 - 10/2016

    Home Chef

  7. Director of Product Design

    10/2016 - 9/2017

    Home Chef

  8. Head of Design

    10/2017 - 4/2019

    Cards Against Humanity

  9. Director of Product Design

    5/2019 - 1/2020


  10. Director of Product Design

    2/2020 - 7/2021


  11. Director of Design & Research

    7/2021 - 2/2022


  12. Head of User Experience

    2/2022 - 4/2022


  13. Senior Design Director of Platform Experience

    5/2022 - 3/2023


  14. Vice President of User Experience

    3/2023 - Now


" When Jonah joined the team to lead Product Design, it was an absolute game changer. He approached his role thoughtfully, creatively, and with the customer top of mind. His energy was put towards developing a seamless customer experience by working towards a cohesive vision for the product. He also took time out of his schedule to educate other teams on our product design methodology, further enhancing the team's ability to deliver quality services to our customers. "Implementation Services ManagerLogicGate

" Jonah's thoughtful & product focused. He's easy to work with and knows how to run point on design. He identifies problems and acts on them. He laid the groundwork for a design system that helped us get away from constantly making visual tweaks and enabled us to focus on the user experience. He's very good at keeping decisions objective and has the business's best interests at heart. I've personally learned a lot from Jonah. "CTO (Co-founder)Draftbit

" As a manager Jonah is kind, understanding and supportive. He is a selfless leader who is able to recognize the value in others and helps champion their successes above his own career pursuits. Working alongside Jonah I always felt like he had my best interests at heart and cared about me as a person first and foremost. He was supportive when it came to setting career goals and was always willing to do everything he could to inspire and create opportunities for me to find success. "Senior Product DesignerCards Against Humanity

" Beyond being my manager, Jonah's work fundamentally shaped the design ethos at Home Chef. His vision and skills are deeply respected. He thinks deeply about how to challenge and empower his direct reports. He pushes himself to learn more about the field of design to keep sharp. Most importantly, he nimbly navigates the tension between business and usability, making decisions that struck the elusive balance between achieving business needs while still managing to keep the customer close to the heart. I would recommend Jonah as a leader and mentor for any design organization. "Product ManagerHome Chef

" Jonah is a very skilled and knowledgeable Digital Art Director - well versed in design and concepting in both digital and more traditional spaces. I enjoyed working with Jonah over the course of several years in various capacities because of his great work ethic, personality, skill, and temperament. "Associate Creative DirectorFCB

" A customer specifically called out how impressed he was with Jonah's presentation at the Agility 2020 conference on platform design. He said this presentation built our company's credibility because we were open about the areas where we've proactively identified improvement, spoke to why this particular initiative is important, and gave specific actions we're taking to improve. Jonah's efforts are not going unnoticed by our customers and I'm personally grateful he's making our customer's experience better. "Customer Success ManagerLogicGate

" I had the privilege of working under Jonah's leadership as a member of the Home Chef design team. Jonah consistently demonstrated long-term brand and product vision - advocating for good design within our team and carving out an invaluable role for design within the company at large. He dedicated himself each day to cross-functional collaboration - working with our tech, marketing, ops, support, and exec teams to maintain communication channels and initiate innovative new ideas. Jonah's leadership style can best be described as proactive, approachable, and trustworthy. "Marketing DesignerHome Chef

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